Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.

In its ever widening vision to improve educational opportunities for the people of Kishangarh, Maharaja Sumer Singh Siksha Samithi established Maharaja Sumer Singh Public School in July, 1987 with H.H. Maharani Meenakshi Devi as the founder director of the school.

Life at Maharaja Sumer Singh Public School, centres on a shared commitment to academic excellence, intellectual growth, high standard of ethical awareness, sportsmanship and development of self confident individuals. The School proudly upholds its founders commitment of excellence in all fields, with emphasis on motto "Strive To Perfect".

Maharaja Sumer Singh Public School seeks to discover and nurture the special gifts each student possesses; to deepen each student's understanding of the complexities of the world, and to inspire each to his or her potential with the clear recognition of the needs and capabilities of students of differing ages and experiences, the School implements its philosophy

By gradually guiding a student from dependent to independent learning.

By creating an environment which is stimulating, innovative, enjoyable and which encourages intellectual inquiry and curiosity.

Our mission is to produce successful, responsible, creative global citizens striving for excellence and committed to the progress of the society.

We believe that early childhood is a time to ignite children’s love for learning and that they must enjoy attending school.

Our teachers act as mediators of childhood experiences and interactions providing an appropriate and responsive, loving and stimulating learning experience.

We provide innovative educational methods, experimental and contextual curriculum coupled with quality infrastructure that will help to discover, nurture and bring to fruition the treasure within.

Our motto is to establish and run an institute which caters to the over all development of children and their personalities without discrimination of caste, creed or status in any respect whatsoever.
To impart appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes for self discipline and independent thought so that each child's potential is developed to the fullest.